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The Biggest Historical Milestones and Anniversaries of 2019

December 27, 2018 in History

By Becky Little

A few of the 116th Congress members-elects during a group photo on the East Front Plaza of the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

There will be a record number of women in Congress.

When the 116th Congress begins on January 3, it will have a record-breaking —won’t set sail until 2022, if at all. But in the meantime, tourists with a cool extra $105,129 will get the chance to tour the first Titanic. The first commercial diving tours of the Titanic wreckage begin June 26.

The summer of ‘69 turns 50.

This summer will mark the 50-year anniversary for a lot of significant events in 1969. They include: when gay and trans customers at the Stonewall Inn fought back against a police raid on June 28; when three Americans walked on the moon for the first time on July 20; and when Charles Manson’s cult shockingly murdered seven people in California in early August.

There was also the Woodstock Music Festival, where half a million young people gathered to listen to Richie Havens, Santana, Sly & the Family Stone, Jimi Hendrix and more on August 15 and 18. Years later, the summer would inspire the title to Bryan Adams’ 1984 hit song about teenage longing, even though Adams himself was actually only 9 years old during the “Summer of ‘69.”

Colorized photo titled “Into the Jaws of Death,” photographed by Robert F Sargent, of the United States Army First Infantry Division disembarking from a landing craft onto Omaha Beach during the Normandy Landings on D Day.

The world remembers the liberation of Normandy.

June 6, 1944 was the beginning of the end for Adolf Hitler and his Nazis. That day, Allied troops stormed the French beaches of Normandy and liberated it from Nazi control. One of the reasons D-Day was so successful was because the Allies ran a misinformation campaign to confuse the Nazis about their next moves. This year marks the 75th anniversary of that fateful day.

Historic Jamestown reflects on its contradictions.

In the summer of 1619, the Jamestown settlement established the first representative government for white men in the British American colonies. That same summer, Africans arrived in the Virginia Colony for the first time to live under unequal and different law and orders. In 2019, the Jamestown Settlement is commemorating these and other significant events that happened 400 year ago.

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