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These are 6 of the most outrageous, hysterical right-wing attacks on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — so far

December 10, 2018 in Blogs

By Alex Henderson, AlterNet

Donald Trump Jr. claimed that Ocasio-Cortez’ policies would lead to Americans eating dogs.

Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is still half a month away from taking over Rep. Joe Crowley’s (D-NY) seat in the House of Representatives, but the far right is obsessed with her every move—and anyone who watches Fox News or reads right-wing websites on a regular basis can see how hysterical and over-the-top much of the criticism has been. 

Like her mentor, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the 29-year-old Ocasio-Cortez describes herself as a “democratic socialist” but is essentially a New Deal/Great Society liberal; her political heritage is President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President Lyndon B. Johnson and the modern governments of countries like Sweden and Denmark—not Che Guevara or Fidel Castro. But the far right is terrified of her, and as 2019 draws closer, the attacks on Ocasio-Cortez are becoming increasingly hysterical. 

Here are six of the most outrageous far-right attacks on Ocasio-Cortez.

1. Donald Trump Jr. claims that Ocasio-Cortez’ policies would lead to Americans eating dogs

On Instagram, Donald Trump, Jr. posted a photo of Ocasio-Cortez alongside  the question, “Why are you so afraid of a socialist economy?” Trump Jr.’s answer: “because Americans want to walk their dogs, not eat them.” The president’s son was implying that the liberal/progressive policies Ocasio-Cortez favors would lead to the type of economic crisis that is plaguing Venezuela, which has been suffering from severe food shortages. But the Venezuela analogy is ridiculous fear-mongering on Trump Jr.’s part. The types of policies that Ocasio-Cortez proposes are considered no-brainers in European countries like Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden—all of which have some of the highest standards of living in the developed world.

2. Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavendra argues that Ocasio-Cortez ‘wants to destroy capitalism’

True Marxist-Leninists detest FDR because they believe that he saved capitalism in the United States. FDR and his modern-day admirers—from Sen. Elizabeth Warren to economist Robert Reich—have often stressed that while capitalism is a good system, it can degenerate into chaos and anarchy when it isn’t properly regulated. Managing capitalism and trying to destroy it are two very different things, …read more


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