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2020 Democrats' Progressive Profligacy

January 29, 2019 in Economics

By Michael D. Tanner

Michael D. Tanner

By almost any traditional measure, President Trump should be
extremely vulnerable in 2020. Although the president often brags
about his victory in 2016, it is important to recall that a shift
of just 107,000 votes in three states would have changed the
outcome. That was less than 0.09 percent of all votes cast —
and this when Trump was running against one of the most unpopular
presidential candidates of all time. Since his victory he has done
virtually nothing to expand his support beyond his loyal base. His
approval rating hovers somewhere between low and dismal. A
significant majority of Americans feel the country is on the wrong

Given this terrain, Democrats can be said to have just one job
for 2020: Don’t be crazy. And they are failing at it.

Conventional wisdom says that the Democrats offer no agenda
other than opposition to Trump and various forms of identity
politics. If that were true, it might actually be good enough to
win. Hardly a day goes by without Trump alienating a new swath of
the electorate. As the midterms showed, he remains popular in deep
red states, but Democrats can make big gains in swing districts
simply by not being Trump.

The rapidly growing
Democratic field has collectively moved so far to the left that it
is about to fall off the edge of the political charts.

And while character and culture will be a big part of the
upcoming campaign, elections are also about policy. Maybe not about
the nitty-gritty details of 25-page white papers, but about the
broad strokes of where candidates want to take the country. And
unfortunately for them, the Democratic contenders are not offering
an attractive policy vision.

It’s an agenda not just for big government, but for gigantic,
enormous, jumbo, super-colossal government. In fact, the rapidly
growing Democratic field has collectively moved so far to the left
that it is about to fall off the edge of the political charts.

Consider that in 2016, Bernie Sanders was an outlier with his
call for a $32 trillion government-run single-payer health-care
system, a $15 minimum wage, free college, and guaranteed jobs for
everyone. Today, those are positions held by every major Democratic
candidate. Were Hillary to run again today, she would be considered
far too moderate for today’s Democratic party. And
that’s saying something.

And that’s just the start. The “free” goodies
keep on coming: universal preschool, rent subsidies, expanded
retirement benefits, and, of course, a Green New Deal. Details are
sparse, and plans vary from candidate to candidate, but we are
talking price tags that easily exceed $50 trillion over the …read more

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