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The Ongoing Gratuitous Cruelty of Trump's Travel Ban

January 29, 2019 in Economics

By Ilya Somin

Ilya Somin

Donald Trump’s “travel ban” policy barring nearly all entry into
the United States by citizens of several Muslim-majority nations
has mostly been out of the headlines since
the Supreme Court’s dubious June 2018 decision upholding it
But it continues to inflict gratuitous suffering. As David Bier of
the Cato Institute explains in a compelling
Washington Post op ed
, it has separated thousands of
children from their families, including many who are American

While family separation at the border received significant media
attention last year, a quieter family separation policy continued
under the radar, and the separations have targeted
American families. New research shows that President Trump’s
travel ban — first ordered two years ago last week — has
already separated thousands of U.S. citizens from their spouses and
minor children….

[T]he travel ban — which currently restricts entry of
nationals of five majority-Muslim countries – is breaking
apart nuclear families every day. New research from the Cato
Institute suggests that as of this January, the policy has prevented more
than 9,000 family members of U.S. citizens from entering the United
States since the Supreme Court allowed the policy to take full effect in
December 2017. That number includes more than 5,500 children and
just short of 4,000 spouses.

If we continue this trend, the separations will hit an estimated
15,000 spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens by the end of
2019. The policy will also keep out an additional nearly 2,000
spouses and minor children of legal permanent residents by year’s

This is despite the fact that no terrorists from the targeted
have killed
anyone in a terrorist attack in the United States
in more than four decades, and no legal permanent resident from
those countries has ever even tried to carry out a U.S. terrorist

Case-by-case waivers for “close family members” of U.S. citizens
or lawful permanent residents are available, but the president’s
travel ban proclamation
specifically states
that just being separated from your family
is not sufficient for a waiver. Rather, family members must show
that they – not their U.S. citizen family — would
suffer “undue hardship” if denied.

The State Department defined
this term to mean an “unusual situation” in which a delayed
approval would “defeat the purpose of travel.” In other words,
keeping the nuclear family together is, for the Trump
administration, not enough. They need to show that there’d be no
point to coming at all if they didn’t come immediately.
That standard keeps these families apart.

Most of these families are waiting in silent desperation, afraid
to speak …read more

Source: OP-EDS

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