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How Donald Trump May Push America into a War with Iran

May 15, 2019 in Economics

By John Glaser

John Glaser

Is the Trump administration readying war plans against Iran?
Somebody certainly wants us to think so. The question is who, and
for what purpose?

A bombshell New York Times article details an
updated military plan that was presented by Acting Defense
Secretary Patrick Shanahan last week. The plan calls for up to
120,000 U.S. troops to be deployed to the Persian Gulf region
“should Iran attack American forces or accelerate work on
nuclear weapons.” This is cause for alarm. But the plan
apparently does not call for a full ground invasion of Iran, which
would require a much higher number of troops. And President Trump,
who recently asked Iran’s leaders to call him on the
phone, seems unlikely to authorize such a war, which would dismay a
significant portion of his base as the 2020 campaign picks up.

The Trump
administration’s frenzied provocations could lead America to the
brink of a conflict with Iran-one that almost no one actually

So, why are we reading about this in the newspaper? One
possibility is that the war hawks in Trump’s White House want
to publicly signal to Iran and the international community that the
administration is prepared to use force in response to Iranian
misbehavior. Another possibility is that the anonymous
national-security officials who leaked this have grown uneasy about
National Security Advisor John Bolton’s determination to attack Iran and change its regime. They might see his recent
bureaucratic maneuvers, including a highly unusual visit to CIA headquarters and a recent
incident in which he deliberately exaggerated raw intelligence in
order to depict a long-scheduled carrier deployment to the Gulf as
a deterrent threat to Iran, as dangerously provocative posturing that could unintentionally start a
war. A third possibility is that both of these are happening

The ongoing internal drama over Iran policy demonstrates how
ill-equipped Trump is for the job of president. Three years into
his first term, Trump is on his third national security advisor,
his second Secretary of State, and the position of Defense
Secretary has been vacant for four months following Mattis’s
resignation in December. The president appears unable to unite his
own cabinet around a clear strategy.

He has filled his national security team with war hawks and,
with Iran tensions rising, the policy results reflect this quite
well. The White House recently took the unprecedented measure of
designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist
organization, which officials have warned could put U.S. forces in
the region at risk. The United States has also embarked on a
concerted …read more

Source: OP-EDS

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