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More Dictator Than God: Kim Jong-Un's Cult of Personality Is Going Strong

November 8, 2019 in Economics

By Doug Bandow

Doug Bandow

Key point: North Koreans have faced a severe level of psychological indoctrination.


North Korea without doubt is unique. If nothing else, its claimed accomplishments rival the faux Russian achievements cited by Pavel Chekov in the original Star Trek. Yet only the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has established a Communist monarchy, now reaching the third generation.

The real question for Kim Jong-un is whether he, like his father and grandfather, will follow the Ottoman practice of producing multiple children from multiple consorts. That always makes a succession fight much more interesting. Even so, royal baby sightings still are rare in the DPRK.

But the North Korean regime has gone a step further in claiming that Great Leader Kim Il-sung, grandfather to Cute Leader Kim Jong-un, as I call the latter, is not only god, but recognized as such by America’s legendary evangelist Billy Graham. On Kim Il-sung’s birthday last week, reported Adam Taylor in the Washington Post, the DPRK paper Rodong Sinmun reported that Graham, who traveled several times to North Korea, praised the senior Kim’s rule.



Indeed, “said” Graham: “Having observed the Supreme Leader Kim Il-sung’s unique political leadership, I can only think that he is God.” Moreover, “if God is the leader of another world, savior and ruler of the past and future life that exists in our imagination, I acknowledge the Supreme Leader Kim Il-sung is the God who rules today’s human world.” The man who raised the Bible at thousands of crusades then “said,” according to the Rodong Sinmun, “Kim is this world’s God. Why would a country like this need the Holy Bible?”

Graham is long retired, in ill health, and out of public view. Officials at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association dismissed the claims as not reflecting “Mr. Graham’s theology or his language.” Certainly there’s no evidence that in thrall of the Great Leader the evangelist tossed aside his life’s calling to worship the modern equivalent of Baal. Kim, whose parents reportedly were believers, offered the …read more

Source: OP-EDS

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