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How Suffragists Raced to Secure Women's Right to Vote Ahead of the 1920 Election

March 27, 2020 in History

By Ellen DuBois

The 19th Amendment was ratified just in time to include women voters in the next presidential election.

The year 1917 was highly consequential for the

Suffragists had nine weeks to get women registered to vote. While there is no way to know exact numbers, it is generally accepted that one-third of eligible women voted in the 1920 election (versus two-thirds of men).

The era of woman suffrage was over. The era of women working their way up and through the political process had begun. As one suffragist put it, it was “the dawn of woman’s political power in America.”

Ellen DuBois is Distinguished Research Professor in the History Department of UCLA and author of numerous books on the history of woman suffrage in the US, including, Suffrage: Women’s Long Battle for the Vote.

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