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Pence cancels planned trip for mysterious reasons

October 8, 2020 in Blogs

By The New Civil Rights Movement

Vice President Mike Pence has just canceled a scheduled trip with Second Lady Karen Pence to visit their home state of Indiana.

The Pences were slated to travel to Indiana to cast their ballots in the presidential election. The White House offered “no explanation,” the press pool notes, as to why the trip will not take place as scheduled, but says the trip has been “postponed.” No new date has been announced.

“Nobody’s sick,” Pence spokesperson Devin O’Malley says, according to New York magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi. “There’s no positive tests. The VP is planning on travelling on Saturday and Monday. We’ll have more information on the vice president’s schedule next week soon.”

The Vice President this evening will hold a “Make America Great Again” rally, one day after being accused of having pink eye at Wednesday night’s debate by a CNN medical analyst.

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