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Sidney Powell suffers another setback as Georgia GOP county chair demands removal from 'kraken' election lawsuit

November 26, 2020 in Blogs

By Alex Henderson

Georgia is one of the states where Republican lawyer Sidney Powell is trying to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election and making baseless claims of widespread voter fraud. And on Thanksgiving, Jason Shepherd — the Republican Party chairman for Cobb County, Georgia — demanded to be removed from Powell’s lawsuit in that state.

Shepherd told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “We (Sidney Powell’s associate and I) discussed the Cobb GOP being a plaintiff, and I was open to it considering (a) multitude of troubling issues we’ve seen just in Cobb County. But we needed more information to at least make sure the executive officers were in agreement to us being a party in the suit.”

The Cobb County GOP chairman is complaining that Powell failed to provide the information that was needed for him to be a part of the lawsuit.

“I called Powell’s associate to state we were, unfortunately, not going to be able to be part of the suit,” Shepherd told the Journal-Constitution. “She confirmed she understood. Guess this is what happens when you wait until the last minute.”

In the 2020 presidential election, President-elect Joe Biden won 306 electoral votes in addition to defeating President Donald Trump by more than 6 million in the popular vote. Trump’s campaign and Republican lawyers have been fighting the election results in multiple swing states, from Georgia to Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Some prominent Republicans — including Sen. Mitt Romney, GOP strategist Karl Rove and former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge — have acknowledged Biden as president-elect. But Powell, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and other GOP lawyers have kept insisting, without evidence, that Trump was the victim of widespread voter fraud and vowed to keep fighting in court.

Powell has been mocked unmercifully by her critics for promising to “release the kraken” with lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia lawsuits. In Norse mythology, a kraken is a giant sea monster — and the phrase “release the kraken” was used in the 1981 fantasy film, “Clash of the Titans.”

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