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China’s Technological Predation Threatens U.S. Security

February 10, 2021 in Economics

By Daniel J. Ikenson

Daniel J. Ikenson

With broad, bipartisan support from Congress, the Biden administration is expected to commence an all‐​of‐​government effort to confront the profound and rapidly multiplying challenges presented by China’s rise. Exactly what the program will entail remains unclear, but neutralizing Beijing’s web of predatory technology policies should be a priority.


For many years, China has been funneling hundreds of billions of dollars annually into technology research, development and production. It has been underwriting technology theft on a grand scale. And it has been extorting technological knowhow and other assets from U.S. businesses, as the price of entry into the Chinese market. These practices have made a mockery of the rules‐​based international trading system and have subverted the proper functioning of markets.

But what compels a firm and committed policy response from Biden is that Beijing’s pursuit of technological supremacy presents an intolerable threat to U.S. security.



The U.S. government restricts the export of fissile materials as a matter of national security. Lockheed Martin is prohibited from selling F-35 fighter jets to China. Advanced technology is essential to national defense, and in the wrong hands, could be used against Americans—to spy, extort, sabotage and conduct warfare. Technology is already employed in the service of repression in China and there is a clear case for restricting its flow.

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