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Ron DeSantis bragged about Florida's election — exposing his real reason for new voting changes

March 2, 2021 in Blogs

By Alex Henderson

In November 2020, Democrats were disappointed that now-President Joe Biden lost Florida’s 29 electoral votes to then-President Donald Trump but applauded its elections officials for their efficient vote-counting operation, commenting that they obviously learned their lessons from Bush v. Gore and 2000′s vote-counting debacle in the Sunshine State. But despite that efficiency, Florida Republicans haven’t abandoned voter suppression — and Miami-based Washington Post opinion writer Lizette Alvarez takes them to task for it in an op-ed published on March 2.

“Something remarkable happened in Florida this past Election Day: A state long lampooned for its ballot bumbling simply added up its votes and secured a winner, Donald Trump, not long after the polls closed,” Alvarez comments. “The election efficiency felt like a miracle.”

After the election, Gov. Ron DeSantis, a far-right Republican and Trump sycophant, tweeted, “Florida is a model for the rest of the nation to follow.”

“For DeSantis, the state’s 2020 performance was a double-barreled victory — a smooth election and a major swing-state win for Trump, even though the president ultimately lost the election,” Alvarez explains. “But that apparently wasn’t good enough for the governor and Florida’s Republican statehouse leadership. They now want to ‘reform’ the state’s electoral system, particularly mail-in balloting.”

Alvarez continues, “An election reform bill, which has already cleared its first committee, and a plan promoted by DeSantis would make it harder, not easier, for voters to obtain ballots and then drop off or mail them. Turns out, suppressing the vote in Florida is still more tantalizing to Republicans than facilitating the vote.”

Florida, of course, is hardly the only state where Republicans are pushing voter suppression bills. Everywhere from …read more


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