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Candidate Endorsements – 2012

The Republican Liberty Caucus selects candidates for endorsement through a collaborative process involving the relevant state chapter and our national board. Candidates fill out our issue survey and are reviewed by their state board and by the national board’s endorsements committee and only receive our endorsement if they are truly dedicated to the principles of limited government and individual liberty.

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Ron Paul – President

“If you like small government you need to work hard at having a strong national defense that is not so militant. Personal liberty is the purpose of government, to protect liberty – not to run your personal life, not to run the economy, and not to pretend that we can tell the world how they ought to live.”

Rick Williams, US Senate

“Rick Williams is a lifelong freedom activist– his first political campaign was for Barry Goldwater in 1964, and he’s been supporting liberty–oriented political candidates ever since. But something has gone terribly wrong for the freedom cause in recent years. Over and over again, we’ve seen big government, welfare/warfare politicians who are willing and eager to spend (other peoples’) money and drag our country into endless wars, deficits and debt? Rick says we don’t want two political parties of big government; two parties of crony capitalism; two parties that support banker bailouts; two parties that sponsor endless wars and trillions of dollars in overseas spending; and two parties that support a status quo where Congressmen and Wall Street bankers get rich while everyone else in America goes broke? Shouldn’t Republicans offer something different than Democrats? Shouldn’t Republicans not sell out Main Street for the benefit of Wall Street? Shouldn’t Republicans actually offer some real change? Rick Williams says “yes, yes, and yes.””
John Dennis – CD12, CA

“John is running a campaign that highlights the failed policies of Nancy Pelosi, which have impacted all San Franciscans. These include Pelosi’s ineffective economic stimulus programs that have added over one trillion dollars to America’s growing debt and have done little to lower high unemployment in San Francisco and around the country. He opposes the aimless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have resulted in thousands of casualties and a total cost of over one trillion dollars.”

Tom McClintock, CD4


Susan Shelley, CD30

Susan Shelley is the author of two books about the Constitution. She’s running for Congress to stand up for the principles of limited government, individual rights, and free enterprise. Susan has been endorsed by the Los Angeles Daily News and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. She supports new priorities of tax reform, affordable energy, and economic growth.

Stewart Cilley, CD5


Jenny Worman, CD28


Christopher David, CD33


Clayton Thibodeau, CD42


For more local endorsement see the RLCCA Website

State and Local Candidates
Al Phillips, Assembly District 16
Arlyne Diamond, Assembly District 25
Dolores Cooper, Assembly District 30
Jeane Ensley, Assembly District 47
Jack Guerero, Assembly District 63
Chris Norby, Assembly District 65
Phil Paule, Assembly District 67
Allan Mansoor, Assembly District 74

Ellyn Hilliard – House District 11

Adam Ochs – House District 13

Justin Everett – House District 22

Brian Vande Krol – House District 35

Thomas Massie, CD7

“America’s sluggish economy and persistently high unemployment are due to our government’s massive debt, over regulation of our businesses, and a tax system that punishes achievement. – Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman was one of my professors at MIT. He failed to convince me then that Keynesian economic policies could work. Krugman, like Keynes, believes governments can borrow and spend their way into prosperity. It does not. History is littered with failed countries that followed Keynes’s advice. Innovation by private companies and entrepreneurs create well-paying jobs and opportunities for economic prosperity, not politicians and bureaucrats. I am opposed to bailouts, corporate subsidies, undeclared wars, and so called stimulus spending — on economic, moral, and constitutional grounds.”

Patrick Kelly, CD6
Chris Hightower, HD16

Rick Bennett, US Senate

“I am pleased that the RLC National Committee saw in Rick Bennett qualities which we in Maine have known for a long time. He will be a great Republican candidate and an outstanding Senator,” said Maine RLC Chair R. Kenneth Lindell of Frankfort, a former member of the Maine legislature. “Rick Bennett fought hard in Augusta for sound fiscal policies to protect the future of Maine families and has experience in the private sector helping the economy and creating jobs. We need more people with Rick’s background in Washington.”

Blaine Richardson, CD2

“Blaine Richardson is the kind of leader Maine needs to take an active role in Washington to turn the economy around and restore personal liberty. I am pleased that the RLC National Committee saw these qualities. He will be a great Republican candidate and an outstanding Congressman,” said Maine RLC Chair R. Kenneth Lindell of Frankfort, a former member of the Maine legislature. “Blaine Richardson had a distinguished military career, including time advising the Pentagon on national defense issues. Yet he saw dangers in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which gives the President power to detain and hold civilians indefinitely and spoke out against it because it violates thethe Constitution. We need more people with Blaine’s integrity in Washington.”

State Level Candidates
Anita Peavey Haskell, State House District 13
Randy Poulton, State House District 42
William Guerrette III, State House District 79

Justin Amash, CD3

“To me, the Constitution is the first thing you have to look at when you look at legislation…It’s not something you look to just to find a justification to defeat legislation. You have to look to it even when it might be a subject matter that you want to support and you want to promote.”

Kerry Bentivolio, CD11

“As a Congressman, I will scrutinize legislation that abuses the Commerce Power or other Federal powers. I will seek to return more power to the States and to the People. I will also work with my colleagues in the United States Senate. I will request that they exercise their power to vet judicial candidates regarding the scope of Federal power and the 10th Amendment.”

State Level Candidates
Chad Dewey, State House District 96
Amanda Van Essen, State House District 88
Jim Hafeman, State House District 109

Federal Candidates
Kurt Bills, US Senate
Tony Hernandez, Congressional District 4
Chris Fields, Congressional District 5
Lee Byberg, Congressional District 7State Level Candidates
Rep. Sondra Erickson, House District 15A
Sen. Dave Brown, Senate District 15
Rep. Bruce Anderson, Senate District 29
Rep. Joyce Peppin, House District 34A
Rep. Branden Petersen, Senate District 35.
Rep. Mary Franson, House District 8B
Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, House District 18B
Rep. Steve Drazkowski, House District 21B
Rep. Peggy Scott, House District 35B
Sen. Roger Chamberlain, Senate District 38
Rep. Kathy Lohmer, House District 39B
Rep. Doug Wardlow, House District 51B
Sen. Ted Daley, Senate District 51
Sen. Dave Thompson, Senate District 58
Dale Helm, House District 41A
Paul Tuschy, House District 52B
Mark Fotsch, House District 66A
Jim Newberger, House District 15B
Dan Kaiser, House District 24B
Nick Zerwas, House District 30A
Jerry Hertaus, House District 33A
Cindy Pugh, House District 33B
David Osmek, Senate District 33
Mark Stefan, House District 44B.
David FitzSimmons, House District 30B

P. Flynn, US Senate
B. Lindstrom, CD2

Bill Randles, Governor

“There is a reason that conservatives have steadily lost ground in our struggle against the intrusiveness and expense of government in the last 20 years. The problem is that while conservatives are fighting a battle over a single issue, the machinery of government will automatically expand the scope and cost in 10 other areas. Failure to confront this momentum has led to elections doing little more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Unless the overall course of government is changed, it doesn’t make that much difference which party is in charge. We must commit ourselves to reform — to actually fixing the machinery of government — or it will continue its relentless growth. We cannot afford to fight a single issue at a time any longer. It is a time for bold strokes.”

The RLC of New Hampshire has endorsed 133 candidates for their state House and Senate. You can find a full voters guideon their website.

Glen Bradley, State Senate 18, NC

“I have been very frustrated at Representatives and Senators who do either whatever they like or whatever the leadership tells them to do with no respect for our principles and no respect for the wills of the districts they represent. Therefore I served in the State House and –when not in conflict with the Constitution or Conservative principle – I carried out the will of the district I represented even when I personally disagreed. That is how representative government is supposed to work. The lobbyists and the special interests no longer come to my door because I do not vote according to who has the most cash or who can peddle the most influence. I vote according to the US and NC State Constitutions, and according to the will of the District I represent.”

State and Local Offices
Dr. Mike Beitler, Secretary of State
Fern Shubert, State Auditor
Steve Royal, State Treasurer
Richard Rivette, State Senate, District 38
Jordon Greene, State House, District 87
Michael Speciale, State House, District 3
Jeremy Adams, State House, District 6
John Bell, State House, District 10
Jason Chambers, State House, District 50
Mark Hopp, Alamance County Commission
Denny King, Haywood County Commission
Matthew Ridenhour, Mecklenburg County Commission

Delia Lopez, CD3, OR

“We the people of this great nation must work together to restore our Republic. Few people today seem to understand the difference between a Republic and a Democracy. Fewer yet remember we live in a Republic not a Democracy and why it’s important. In a Republic the nation is governed by law. Everyone is equal under the law from president to peon, break the law pay the consequences. The law is fixed and reasonable. Our Republic was originally linked with what was considered natural or Biblical law. Most people would agree that stealing, killing or harming others is wrong and should be against the law. Where as not wearing a helmet or eating something wouldn’t be obviously wrong. In a Republic the laws are fixed what is legal today is legal tomorrow. Under a Democracy what 51% of the people decide is wrong is illegal. So what is legal today can be criminal tomorrow. In a Republic, the governments duty is to ensure the rights of the minority are protected. Almost the exact opposite of a Democracy where the rule of the majority is enforced.”

Samuel Cantrell, State House 41, OR

“It’s time for liberty’s comeback. Oregon’s legislature has demonstrated its propensity to ignore the rights of its citizens with its vast array of state agencies and laws that regulate and prohibit. These gross assaults on our liberties threaten to forever “sunset” Oregon from being prosperous and free. I’m Sam Cantrell, and I want to bring freedom back to our state. That’s why I’m running for the Republican nomination for the Oregon House, District 41.”

State and Local Offices
Rex Rice, State Senate, District 2
Kevin Bryant, State Senate District 3
Jim Lee, State Senate, District 8
Lee Bright, State Senate, District 12
Deedee Vaughters, State Senate, District 26
Eddie Drayton, State Senate, District 35
Mike Rose, State Senate, District 38
Rich Bolen, State Senate, District 18
Tom Davis, State Senate, District 40
Sean Pike, State Senate, District 41
Ryan Payne, State Senate, District 44
Peter VonLehe Ruegner, State House, District 110
Will Freeman, State House, District 111

Ted Cruz – US Senate, TX

“As a child, my father would ask me, “When I lost my freedom in Cuba, I had a place to flee. If we lose our freedoms here, where will we go?” That’s why I’m running for U.S. Senate. Our liberty is threatened in America now more than ever. In the U.S. Senate, I will help lead the fight to repeal Obamacare, make real spending cuts, pass a balanced budget amendment, and drastically curb stifling federal regulations.It’s been incredibly encouraging to see conservatives across Texas unite around our campaign. The more they hear our message, the more it resonates.”

Richard Mack, CD21, TX

Sheriff Mack has stood against tyranny and has dedicated his life to the principles of state sovereignty as defined by the Constitution of the United States. He knows that the reason America is in such peril today is because she has strayed far away from the path of liberty as established by our founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution. He has a proven record in standing for freedom and will, without question as U.S. Congressman, put Texas first.

Jessica Puente Bradshaw, CD34, TX

As a first generation American, Jessica understands that people come to the United States for opportunity and freedom. She believes, “personal liberties and freedom go beyond party lines but constant and consistent legislation from both sides strips us of our freedoms.” Jessica affirms, “I will always use the principles and values, as outlined by the U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights, as the measure for legislative decisions.”

Rob Roark, CD35
“Rob Roark is a constitutional conservative Republican. Mr. Roark’s core governing ideals are freedom, justice, the rule of law, fiscal responsibility, respect for life, honesty, and transparency in leadership. Mr. Roark is not a career politician and has no intention to become one. Mr. Roark believes that one cornerstone of our republic is the voluntary service of normal, everyday, citizen leaders – people that take responsibility to serve their country and their community for a period of time, and then return to that community to let others carry the banner of leadership. Endless election cycles, constant campaigns, and the influence of special interests and corporate lobbies – these are the hallmarks of an incumbent leadership that has been in office and on the public payroll for too long. Rob Roark is an everyday citizen leader that will set an example of what it means to be a real public servant.”

Wes Riddle, CD25, TX

Today there is a black hole in the American political universe, and Washington threatens to crush us. Tyranny, however well intentioned, must end. States must begin to insist upon their Constitutional prerogative, if we should ever hope to restore the Union. We are no less patriotic or American for saying this, no less committed to the people’s freedom and the Founder’s vision, nor “rebels” for saying we shall ‘pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor’ to achieve this end.

Eddie Traylor, CD10, TX

“Congress must be stopped. Spending must be controlled. I am duty-bound to sharply cut the size of government – so that America remains the economic and military superpower of the world.”

Grant Stinchfield, CD24, TX

“I spent nearly two decades uncovering and exposing fraud, corruption, government waste, and consumer scams. My tireless work earned me four Emmy Awards, leaving me proud to call myself a “watchdog” who fights for the people of Texas. After two decades of covering politics, I became well aware that you can’t change career politicians or the bureaucrats who work for them, but you can expose them. By serving in Congress, my battle plan is to give the power of information directly to the people. I am asking you to lend me the, “keys to castle.” The war on prosperity must end. We must streamline government by using common sense to make deep budget cuts and reform the tax code to promote investment.”

Steve Stockman, CD36, TX

“I don’t understand the debate in some Republican circles about personal liberties. Americans – in our case citizens of the State of Texas, have rights that no foreign or domestic entity can take away. Those rights are enshrined in our state and national Constitutions. To think that someone – anyone – can wipe away your right to a trial, your right to your firearms, your right to free speech, or any other right by decree is anathema to freedom. I’ll stand up to the EPA, the FDA, even the PTA, to defend them to my last breath…”

David Simpson, State House 7, TX

“Man’s actions which harm other men must be checked by force to preserve human life and liberty. I believe that this is the legitimate role of civil government — to do justice and to protect individual rights of life, liberty and property. This consists of enforcing the rules between individuals (contracts), punishing the wrongdoer who harms his neighbor here at home, and defending us from our enemies abroad. Civil government, otherwise, should leave us alone and free. Civil government must be limited, lest it take away the rights of individuals that it was instituted to protect. Civil magistrates, if granted excessive authority and opportunity, may act merely in their own interests and at the expense of the people whom they are to protect. Finally, I believe that local self-government is the best form of civil government. Local self-government made our large and diverse country a great nation and it is essential that it be preserved or we will lose our freedom and the union.”

Jason Isaac, State House 45, TX

“As a conservative I believe in less government and lower taxes, a difficult combination that requires fiscal responsibility and accountability to achieve. We need better schools and better teachers and a more secure border, all of which require more money. At the same time I believe we must lower the cap on property tax increases, which means less new money coming in to pay for our needs. How do we reconcile this dilemma? By better managing our revenue and creating an environment where businesses can prosper and employment can grow.”

Late Additions
George Harper, CD14
Robert Gonzalez, CD14*
Don Al Middlebrook, CD27*
Chris Winn, CD19*Other State and Local Candidates
Mike Hennefer, Texas House District 65*
Tammy Blair, Texas State Senate 53
Mike Brucia, Texas House District 64
T. J. Fabby, Texas House District 10
Randy Brown, Texas house District 132*
Grant Rostig, State Senate District 21
Mike Hennefer, Texas House District 65*
Giovanni Capriglione, Texas House District 98*Vic Vad, Travis County Tax Assessor/Collector
Clay Dafoe, Austin Mayor
Laura Pressley, Austin City Council
Shaun Ireland, Austin City Council
Sam Brannon, Hays County Commissioner
Paul Perry, Ellis County CommissionerVote “YES” on all Primary Propositions*These recommendations are provisional on the recommendation of a regional chapter and are pending final board approval.

Ken Vaughn, CD11

“The primary role of the federal government is and should be the protection of individual liberty – not the provision of individual entitlements. This requires the federal government to be responsible for national defense. It also requires freedom for all people, something that our founding fathers failed to achieve in their lifetimes, but that we have since corrected. Most of the enumerated powers defined for the federal government relate directly to this role. The additional powers are mainly designed to provide a common framework for the easy movement of people and goods.”

Floyd Bayne, CD7

“Like many of you I have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of common sense and adherence to our Constitution in Washington, D.C. I kept waiting and waiting for a candidate to come along whom I could trust and who shared my concerns for our country. I continued to be frustrated, so I chose to act. I was not pleased with the continued actions of my own representative, which grew the federal leviathan and spent money recklessly. So, I am hoping to prove that one can serve as a citizen-legislator and not seek to become a career-politician.”

Karen Kwiatkowski

“To regain and re-establish a freer economy — we must shrink government at all levels. We must reduce and eliminate unnecessary taxation, and unecessary regulation and mandates, for everyone. But that is not enough. Business, entrepreneurial and financial sectors must be re-energized, begin hiring and create new and needed goods and services. We must ensure that tax cuts, reduced government spending and subsidies, and reductions in regulatory restrictions — on individuals, families, commnities, entrepreneurs, small business and large business — are real and permanent. Only this will send the proper message throughout the country and the world that America is again open for business.”

Lauren Stephens, CD6

“I want this hell to end, and that can only happen by all of us electing people who are truly willing to make a change and make a difference – no matter what. We must end the crony capitalism that is destroying our country from the inside out. We must really lay down the law on those who wish to harm us. We have to assert OUR rights, as Americans. But most importantly, we MUST send a message to Washington – we are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore.”

Dan Sebring, CD4

“To create jobs, we must enact policies that promote and sustain stronger economic growth. We must also address extraordinary fiscal and competitive challenges that are smothering growth and driving away jobs. At the same time, there are specific steps Congress and the administration can take right now to spur faster job growth in America’s private sector without adding to the deficit.”

Marc Scaringi – US Senate, PA

“America is in a crisis caused by the borrow-and-spend, tax-and-regulate policies of President Obama and Senator Casey. The Obama-Casey Agenda has led to the loss of millions of jobs and caused the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. That is why I feel compelled to go to Washington to stop the Obama-Casey Agenda in its tracks – from their czars, to their job-destroying EPA to ObamaCare – and return our country to the principles that made us great – lower taxes, less government, personal responsibility and FREEDOM.”

Barry Hinckley – US Senate, RI

“If we truly seek to effect change, from the halls of Washington to the seaside towns of Rhode Island, we must elect a leader with executive experience, not a career politician. The time for our current leaders to tinker around the edges has passed. Barry Hinckley promises to delve deep into the heart of the matters that affect us all, with bold leadership and fresh ideas, to create the strong Rhode Island, and America, our children deserve.”

Brian K. Hill – US Senate, CT

“Our country is in trouble. We have too much debt; a Congress that doesn’t respect the Constitution; bureaucrats who do not recognize the people, and an unprecedented attack on the freedoms of business. The consequences of these policies and the culture of dependency they create can be seen by the failure in our inner cities and through the tragic destruction of many working class families oppressed by the welfare state. I am running because I know that to get America back on her feet we need to get the government out of the way.

John Anderson, CD10, OH

“I offer this detailed agenda to facilitate national renewal, revival, and restoration of the American way of life, individual freedom, and economic prosperity and to alter the current course of national financial suicide we are currently following. Federal spending must be substantially cut immediately to stave off national bankruptcy. Our national debt and unfunded federal liabilities are out of control. The incumbent Republican congressman Mike Turner running for this seat has done absolutely nothing to address this pending catastrophe, is part of the problem, and must be replaced.”

Evan Feinberg, CD18, PA

“The problems facing our country are not too great to solve, but it will require courage and principle from our elected officials. Unfortunately, too many career politicians care more about their reelection campaigns than their oath to preserve, protect and defend the United States Constitution. I will actively promote term limits, pay decreases for Members of Congress, and pension reform to ensure that being a Member of Congress is public service.”

Bill Yarbrough, CD12, OH

Bill brings two decades of business experience and his passion for liberty to the race for Congress. His background in labor and human resource management, and skill leading diverse teams, will be an incredible asset in an increasingly divided government. “Now, more than ever, we need fresh ideas and no more career politicians.”

Jason Greene, CD5, MO

It is time for constitutional liberty to be at the focus of each piece of legislation voted upon. We are a democratic-republic, the federal government must respect that aspect of the constitution and eliminate departments that violate state’s rights and the personal lives of citizens. In recent years, our constitutional rights have been under attack; from the expansion of presidential and congressional power to federal courts overstepping their legal authority. The politician mentality of abandoning constitutional checks and balances to serve political convenience must end in order to protect liberty and preserve this republic.

John Bambenek, State Senate 52, IL

“After years of conservative activism, it is clear that the principles of individual responsibility, personal freedom and limited government are values that have served our nation since its founding. Government is involved in too many things and is interfering in too many ways in our private lives. Government should be limited to only what must be done by government and then at the lowest level of government possible. I am pro-life, pro-gun rights and pro-family.”

Dan Halloran, CD6, NY

“Small businesses are the engine that drives our economy. I’m a former small business owner. I know what it takes to get people back to work. We need to cut taxes on middle-class people and cut the regulations that make it so difficult to start a business and make payroll. From fees to overticketing, the federal and local governments have stymied the efforts of countless Americans to get our economy back on track. In Washington, I will fight for the small business owners and job creators by cutting taxes and fees, balancing our budget, and promoting the pro-growth policies that made America the world’s leading economy.”


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